Jennings bath

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The Jennings bath is a reproduction of a late 19th Century English embossed double ended cast iron bath with a luxurious wooden roll originally manufactured by George Jennings, one of the finest sanitary engineers of his time. The bath is cast in England from recycled brake discs and is available painted, polished or patinated. The taps may be mounted on the roll; the roll is also available in a conventional white finish.

Model No. 1-20-011 (Bath) 8-20-002 (Kit)
Measurements 1828 x 805 x 670mm
Price from £9,050.00 + VAT
MaterialCast Iron
Dimensions1828 x 805 x 670mm
Dry weight270kgs/595lbs (with wooden roll 292kg / 624lb)
capacity350 litres / 77 UK gallons / 93 US gallons
MaterialCast Iron
Dimensions1828 x 805 x 670mm
Dry weight595lbs (with wooden roll 624lb)
capacity93 US gallons
Finish of waste and o/f available:
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Cast Iron
Exterior Finishes:
Painted Exterior Patinated Finish Polished Finish
Jennings Bath (exc. kit)£9,050.00 + VAT
Waste & Overflow kit£836.00 + VAT