Soho bath

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The Soho bath is a reproduction of a 1930’s French double ended bath tub, embodying the sleekness and glamour of early 20th century design. Available in white or use our bespoke colour matching service to create a bath unique to your space and colour scheme.

Model No. 1-02-002 (Vitrite) 1-02-001 (Iron) 8-02-001 (Kit)
Measurements 1710 x 760 x 465mm / 1785 x 760 x 495mm
Price from £4,325.00 + VAT
Dimensions of Cast Iron Soho Bath1710 x 760 x 465mm / 67' x 30' x 18'
Weight of Cast Iron Soho Bath300 Kgs / 661 lbs
Capacity of Cast Iron Soho bath240 Litres/ 53 UK gallons / 63 US gallons
Code of Cast Iron Soho Bath1-02-001
Dimensions of Vitrite Soho Bath1785 x 760 x 495mm / 70'x 30' x19
Weight of Vitrite Soho Bath90 Kgs /198 lbs
Capacity of Vitrite Soho Bath265 Litres / 58 UK gallons /70 US gallons
Code of Vitrite Soho Bath1-02-002
Finish of waste and o/f available:
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Vitrite™ Cast Iron
Soho Bath - Cast Iron£6,100.00 + VAT
Soho Bath - Vitrite£4,325.00 + VAT
Waste & Overflow kit£200.00 +VAT
Soho Bath - bespoke colour£4,530.00 + VAT