Lucy bath

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The Lucy bath is a reproduction of a turn of the Century single ended French bath tub. The bath is cast in England from recycled brake discs. The image shows a painted exterior, it is also available polished or patinated.

Model No. 1-20-111 (Bath) 8-20-006 (Kit)
Measurements 1635 x 640-755 x 675mm
Price from £4,500.00 + VAT
MaterialCast Iron
Dimensions1635 x 640-755 x 675mm
Exterior FinishPolished, Patinated and Painted
Finish of waste and o/f available:
Polished Nickel Polished Brass Aged Brass Chrome Brushed Nickel
Cast Iron
Lucy Bath Painted (exc. kit)£4,500.00 + VAT
Waste & Overflow kit£580.00 + VAT